Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 9 - Genealogy Day

Today is Genealogy Day!

Are you ever curious about your ancestors? Want to know more about your lineage? Trying to find lost relatives? Genealogy may be the answer!

Check out, one of the most well-known and well-trafficked sites for genealogy researchers:

Check out some of the items we have in the library:
"Ancestors: 900 Years in the Life of a Chinese Family", by Frank Ching

"Family Chronicle", one of our Genealogy magazines
"The Family Tree Detective", by Ann Douglas
"Finding Anyone, Anywhere, Anywhen", by Noel Montgomery Elliot
"Finding Your Roots Online", by Nancy Hendrickson
"The Genealogist's Companion and Sourcebook", by Emily Anne Croom
"Genealogy and the Law in Canada", by Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson
"Mastering Online Genealogy", by W. Daniel Quillen
"Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors", by W. Daniel Quillen
"Finding Your Canadian Ancestors: a Beginner's Guide", by Sherry Irvine and Dave Obee

Today is also Barbie Day, Get Over It Day, and International Fanny Pack Day!

Here are some interesting things that happened on this day in history:

- Kissing in public was banned in Naples, a crime punishable by death, in 1562
- Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine de Beauharnais in 1796
- The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were founded in 1873
- False teeth were patented in 1882
- Coal miners in Lethbridge went on strike until December 2nd in 1906
- The first all-electric dining car was placed into service on the Illinois Central Railroad in 1949
- Barbie debuted in 1959
- The first animal, a dog named Chernushka (Blackie), returned from space aboard Sputnik 9 in 1961
- The first Ford Mustang was produced in 1964
- The first female cadets were accepted into the West Point Military Academy in 1976
- Bowie Kuhn ordered baseball to give equal access to female reporters in 1979
- NASA announced searchers found remains of Challenger astronauts in 1986

Stay tuned for our next "On This Day in History"! 

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