Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26 - National Dog Day

If you love your pooch as much as I love mine then this is just another great day to tell him/her that you love them. Its National Dog Day, we'd love to see some pictures of your pets, dog or not in support of this awesome day. Show some love for your furry friends and spend some quality time with them today. Here are 50 ways you can celebrate today.

Here is some doggone history.
-580 Chinese invents toilet paper.
-1498 Michelangelo is commissioned to carve the Pietà.

-1784 Cape Breton Island was made a separate colony from Nova Scotia.
-1845 Mary Ann Nichols, first victim of Jack the Ripper was born (died. 1888).
-1907 Houdini escapes from chains underwater at Aquatic Park in 57 sec.
-1910 Mother Teresa, [Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu], Skopje Ottoman Empire, nun and Founder of Missionaries of Charity (Nobel Peace Prize 1979) born.

-1929 1st US roller coaster built.
-1946 George Orwell published "Animal Farm".

-1957 Wheelchair athlete Rick Hansen, whose international "Man in Motion" tour raised money for spinal cord research, rehabilitation and wheelchair sports, was born at Port Alberni, BC.
-1977 Bill 101, Québec's French-language charter, was passed by the National Assembly. 
-1980 Macaulay Culkin, NYC, actor (Home Alone, My Girl, Richie Rich) born.

-1980 Chris Pine, American actor born. 


Word of the Day
Time for another new addition to the blog. Something that will increase your knowledge and make you seem super smart to all your friends, the word of the day from Merriam-Webster online.

Today's word is:

nocuous: harmful

Books and Movies: The Goods.

This great site found it's way into my mailbox the other day (thanks Mrs. Gates) it highlights all the great summer reading lists check it out for some must reads to get in before school starts back up.

If your looking for some good reads, check out the New York Times Best Sellers list ending September 1st. Publishers weekly also has a weekly best sellers list.

Check out the Kirkus book review for Holy Orders by Benjamin Black.

Movies that have been released in theaters recently are: The World's End and You're Next.
Check out the movie listings for Red Deer and Sylvan Lake.

Joke of the Day
How many ears does Picard have? 

Three. A right ear. A left ear. And a final front ear.

Stay tuned for our next, "On This Day in History"!

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