Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17 - International Geocaching Day (new addition to the blog-word of the day)

Here we go everyone, it's time for some adventure and fun, its International Geocaching Day. Have no idea what Geocaching means, I'll tell you. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. If you don't think this sounds like fun, then your crazy, who doesn't like a good ol' scavenger hunt. 

We here at the library have somewhere in our library a geocache itself, we challenge you to come and find it.

To find out more about Geocaching or to go on your own adventure check out

Lets look at some history.

-1774 Priest Jérôme Demers, who published the first Canadian philosophy textbook, was born at St-Nicolas, Qué.
-1775 The first session of the legislative council at Québec convened.
-1786 Davy Crockett, Greene County, Tennessee, frontiersman/adventurer/politician (Alamo), (d. 1836) is born.

-1786 Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, mother of Queen Victoria (d. 1861) born.

-1862 Gold was discovered on Williams Creek in the Cariboo region of BC, touching off the Cariboo Gold Rush.
-1930 Ted Hughes, Mytholmroyd Yorkshire, British Poet Laureate (1984-1998) born.

-1940 Hitler orders total blockade of Great-Britain.
-1943 Robert De Niro, NYC, actor (Bang the Drum Slowly, Taxi Driver) born.

-1960 Sean Penn, Santa Monica California, actor (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) born.

-1962 Beatles replaces Pete Best with Ringo Starr.
-1969 Donald E Wahlberg Jr, Boston, rocker (New Kids-Hangin' Tough) born.

-1998 Monica Lewinsky scandal: US President Bill Clinton admits in taped testimony that he had an "improper physical relationship" with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. On the same day he admits before the nation that he "misled people" about his relationship.

Word of the Day
Time for another new addition to the blog. Something that will increase your knowledge and make you seem super smart to all your friends, the word of the day from Merriam-Webster online.

Today's word is:

Sapient: possessing or expressing great wisdom

Books and Movies: The Goods.

This great site found it's way into my mailbox the other day (thanks Mrs. Gates) it highlights all the great summer reading lists check it out for some must reads to get in before school starts back up.

If your looking for some good reads, the New York Times Best Sellers list ending August 18th. Publishers weekly also has a weekly best sellers list.

Check out the Kirkus book review for Going Home Again by Dennis Bock.

Movies that have been released in theaters recently are: JOBS, Kick-Ass 2, Lee Daniels' The Butler and Paranoia
Check out the movie listings for Red Deer and Sylvan Lake.

Joke of the Day

What did one raindrop say to the other? 
Two's company, three's a cloud.

Did you hear about the sick juggler? 
They say he couldn't stop throwing up!

Stay tuned for our next, "On This Day in History"!

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