Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Big Read 2013- February

The Big Read 2013- Heather- February Part 2

Up to 22 books now, the latest installment is:

View full image Ever After by Kim Harrison. This is number 11 in a long running series set in the Hollows, featuring witches, demons and vampires- as mostly normal folk.  I really enjoyed this book, I think Kim can see the end in sight- number 13 I think, and is moving the characters in place for the finale.

View full imageThrough the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi. This young adult novel is number 2 in a trilogy. It is very good. Set after an environmental disaster where the magnetosphere has disappeared letting in an alien atomsphere.  Some of the people have ensconced themselves in underground bunkers while others were left to fend for themselves. Years later the bunkers are failing and the storms are intensifying. What will happen to our two main characters Aria and Perry?  Thumbs up for this series.

There are still a few more that I need to add for February, I guess there will be a Part 3!

I see that Jeri has joined the fray. I also have a goodreads account that features this contest. When I figure out my account I'll post it here too.

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