Friday, July 5, 2013

1000 Books Before Kindergarten - Week Fifty-Two

The Scavenger Hunt was a huge success! Thank to all who came out and braved the impending downpour - many thank to Mother Nature for waiting until after the Scavenger Hunt to start pouring.

Our last Star Reader of the Week was Trent.

This week's Star Reader is Lyric! Congratulations!

Our last Book of the Week was "Daisy Comes Home", by Jan Brett.

Our fifty-second Book of the Week is "The Magic Boot", by Rémy Simard.

"This is the hilarious story of a boy whose feet play an unexpected role in world geography. Pipo's feet grow so fast that he wins races just by standing still, but a good fairy takes pity on him, giving him a pair of magic boots that will grow when watered. After negotiating a trade with a child-eating ogre, Pipo is separated from his beloved footwear. But there is a happy ending: one boot gets thrown into the sea, gets bigger and bigger, and becomes ... Italy" - Annick Press

Stay tuned for our next Star Reader and Book of the Week! 

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