Friday, November 25, 2011

Canada Reads 2012

The final five non-fiction books for Canada Reads 2012 have been announced. 
They are an eclectic array of true stories: 

The Game by Ken Dryden is being championed by Alan Thicke.
The book: The Game is still widely regarded as the best book about hockey ever written, even almost 30 years after its original publication in 1983. In it, legendary goalie Ken Dryden chronicles his 1979 season with the Montreal Canadiens. -Canada Reads 2012 website, November 25, 2011

On a Cold Road by Dave Bidini is defended by Stacey McKenzie.
The book: On a Cold Road, the book that marked Rheostatics guitarist Dave Bidini's transition from rock star to writer, is a chronicle of the band's 1996 cross-Canada tour with The Tragically Hip. -Canada Reads 2012 website, November 25, 2011

Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat championed by Arlene Dickinson
The book: Prisoner of Tehran is Marina Nemat's harrowing account of her imprisonment, at the age of 16, in Iran's most notorious prison for political dissidents. -Canada Reads 2012 website, November 25, 2011

Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre defended by Shad
The book: Something Fierce is playwright and actor Carmen Aguirre's memoir of coming of age in the Chilean resistance movement. -Canada Reads 2012 website, November 25, 2011

The Tiger by John Vaillant is being championed by Anne-France Goldwater.
The book: John Vaillant's The Tiger is the shocking true story of the citizens of a remote Russian village and the ferocious, endangered Siberian tiger who is out for revenge against the poachers who survive by destroying his kind. -Canada Reads 2012 website, November 25, 2011

Get ahead of the gang and read the books before they have been voted off the Island! Click on the  links to check them out of the library.

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